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10 Unpredictable Reasons That Says "Its Time To Take A Break From Your Job!"

We were on a break!

Sounds familiar right? 
But the same thing is happening between you and your job now.
The fact is that if you are doing something which is important for your life then you have to give it a break sometimes, so it doesn’t affect your bond(between your work and peace).
I am gonna show you those best reasons which clarify to you that why should you take a vacation from your 10 to 7 boxed job.
Ask yourself a question that when was the last time you were on a vacation?

If not let me show some points which will bombard you mind!
  • Depression is on the top
  • No creativity, less productivity
  • Totally nil on motivation to work
  • Health issues
  • Signs of Burnout
  • A complaint of less(or no) quality time with loved ones
  • You’re not satisfied with yourself and want to explore your mind's health 
  • Looking forward to a new job
  • Losing relationship with colleagues 
  • Feeling like a ship

Let's Dig Deeper about these Points!

1. Depression on top:
The most common reason behind your depression is always a burden of work, assignments, upcoming events and competitions in your office.

2. No creativity, less productivity:

You work, work and work a lot, but still running out of ideas. What happened to your intelligent mind? Is this because of habitation in a room from the last 5 months and now nothing coming out of it?
Definitely yes! If you have less productivity and no creativity now, its because your mind is filled with documents that just need to be filled. No creativity means you have to take a break.

3. Totally on motivation to work:

Points 1 & 2 are the reasons that led third to happen. When you are depressed and found no creativity in yourself then how come you found self-motivation to work harder and keep going. Have some holidays and explore things.

4. Health issues: 

According to researches working over 40 hours a week causes major health problems of heart, memory loss, self-violence strokes and liver problems due to the intake of a high dose of painkillers. Or some reasons will arise like you become alcoholic, not getting much sleep, feeling blue, etc. 

5. Signs of Burnout:
A condition of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion that is caused by prolong or excessive stress is known as Burnout. Its signs can be like having a bad day, feeling exhausted, dull and overwhelming manner and no control over thoughts. 

6. A complaint of less(or no) quality time with loved ones:
We, humans, are social beings and if you don’t do that even once in a week then there is something wrong with your mind. You can’t survive without any people around who love you, took care of yours(in office and at home). Go fish sometimes and give them and because of that, your mental health will be improved, you make positive choices, your self-esteem will increase and your happiness will be on the peak.
It's your choice either happiness with loved ones or dummy in an office. 

7. You’re not satisfied with yourself and want to explore your mind's health:
It looks similar to the above point but it’s not. Sometimes we have queries with ourselves and have to solve them individually. Some people consult a psychiatrist to reset their mind to a positive one and that works well then none. Good therapy will cover the health of these aspects annoying you:

  1. Stress
  2. Food and eating issues
  3. Anger
  4. Relationship or marriage challenges
  5. Addiction
  6. Abuse
  7. Insomnia
  8. Sexuality

8. Looking forward to a new job:

  • Why I am here
  • I don’t want to work anymore 
  • I hate my whole office 
  • This is not my career
  • God tomorrow is Monday I have to go to work

These bunch of reasons came to your mind?
Or these ones:
  • This company is falling apart I want a backup
  • My boss not letting me work from home
  • I have learned everything here from last 2 years
If yes, then you have to take a break or break your job. The reason behind it is clear if you don’t belong here then find a place that belongs to you.

9. Losing relationship with colleagues:
What you did at your workplace, right or wrong; doesn’t matter but if there is no relation between you and your colleagues, take a break.

Your morale, productivity and retention level will only increase if you collaborate and do proper teamwork(here). But if there is no collaboration between you and your teammates then you can’t be in office for a long time. So take a break, go for a vacation and refresh your mind by clearing out those negative thoughts.

10. Feeling like a ship:

    In the office, your table is full of sheets and papers that have to completed within a deadline. And you finish it, but it happens day-to-day. So there seems a point that you feel bored more than ever. 

    So these are the main reasons that suggest you when to grab a holiday from your office. You can also suggest some valuable reasons that I have missed...

    Quote for the blog:

    “A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” – Earl Wilson 


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