How to Smoke out Quarantine Boredness Struggle at Home

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When your Life is in Quarantine!
March 2020


The best of both worlds!

Everybody is experiencing self-quarantine in their homes because of COVID-19(Corona) spreading its wings around the globe (except Antarctica). Till now every country is infected with it. In places of high statistical measure, governments have declared a lockdown, excluding essential services. Not only this impacts the livelihood of every citizen by miscellaneous reasons but also can cause side effects.

Being at home and doing nothing is a dream for most of us. Yet it's harmful to our mental and physical health. 

Confused? or Am I sick?

Imagine, you at home, with loved ones, setting things apart together, but time feels endless, you don't feel comfortable with them. "Boom" now you are frustrated. This happens because of the repetition of life's events. Well, the good news is that you can resist it. 

But how?

There are a lot of self-quarantine tips available on google. I am not saying mine is best but you can uncover valuable breaths-

-as I watered some resourceful beans here

by Ambialpha
  • Take short active breaks during the day
  • Stand up, walk, exercise, relax
  • Switch things up
  • Understand the Risk
  • Educate yourself
  • Connect with others
  • Spend time alone
  • Don't rely on television and technology 
  • Conflicts can occur- Understand and minimize it
  • Make a normal daily routine
  • Give rise to an opportunity

My watered beans are planted briefly like this:

Take short active breaks during the day

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Accept that your body needs a break, not only for your own sake but also for your loved ones too. Take a break after every 30 min of concentration of work.

Stand up, walk, exercise, relax

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This is the best mantra to stay fit in the home to remove laziness and make your whole system work better which can improve your immunity and decrease the chances of catching any disease.

Switch things up

If you are twins, couples, siblings then it's the best time to have fun. Change your tasks and understand the importance of each other's work. 

Understand the Risk

Realize the reasons for being at home, is it your life? Your family's life? Or any other reason that tremendously affects the world? Don't take risks on your hand.

Educate yourself

Are your university exams near? Or you are an explorer? Or a genius geek? Whichever good youth you are but, this time never gonna come back. Utilize this time to educate yourself.

Connect with others

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It's decent and eventful to interact with others like you. When you meet them through social media platforms (not face to face, because you are in quarantine), you engage and can create a wonderful community online where you share your thoughts and stay updated.

Spend time alone

"Why should I do this? I have lots of friends to chat with. I will never get alone if I wish to." 
Is this your question then I can debate with you till your questions finish. Spending time alone can increase your mental strength, creativity and empathy. 

Don't rely on television and technology 

Pratik Prajapati| Lifesuggests
Watch movies, play electronic games, use mobile phones at the required time as it emits radiation which is harmful to your healthy mind. Limit the use of electronic gadgets.

Conflicts can occur- Understand and minimize it

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Anything can arise when different personalities live under the same shelter. So it's necessary to understand each other's feelings and thoughts. The clash will be an experience between you and them but listening carefully to each other's perspective and point of view can minimize it.

Make a normal daily routine

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Getting in the routine and performing it well maintain your body to move properly. Exercise, meditate, eat healthy food, read beautiful books.

Give rise to an opportunity

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You are sitting alone or with anyone and still don't know what to do. Why? 

The answer is already within you. You have some goals to complete which employs certain skills and knowledge.
What LifeSuggests says: "Remember! You are not in isolation, you are just quarantined".

(Note for COVID-19 patients).


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