32 Things to do During Quarantine at Home

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"If you think that Quarantine is boring then this post will change your mind."

Well, for some readers, it's like an interim boon, but for those who like outdoor activities and games, there's nothing worst than this.

It's quite difficult to cope with this time. 

But do you know what you are losing in quarantine all day long?

Well, we call them "moments", which strike up powerful emotions reminding us of what we felt at that given time of our life.

Quarantine at home is different than the holidays you earn.

So, what's good news here?

The good news is that you can create moments in this COVID-19 pandemic quarantine without falling in nostalgia.

32 Things to do During Quarantine at Home!

1. Creating viral videos on popular video sharing platforms.

2. Prepare a list of all events and concerts that you want to visit when finally lockdown ends and they reopen.

3. Teach your pets some new tricks like shaking hands, roll over, high five, speak and dance.

4. Draw a family tree with your branch in it

5. Watch your favourite tv shows or series streaming online
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6. Play indoor games (carrom, chess, truth or dare, ludo etc.)

7.  Clean your favourite gadgets like a computer screen, keyboard and also if your vehicle parked inside your home gate clean it too. 

8.  Rearrange your closets and wardrobes

9. Go online to find new types of furniture arrangements and rearrange them. Becoming Monika is optional
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10. Walk into rooms and go through drawers or cabinets removing any expired products that you find

11. Start reading books that once you desired most, but didn't have time. Now you have too much time and who knows when it ends.

12. Learn how to cook. Dive in the best recipe videos for some tutorials. Just take care of hygiene, it's crucial.

13. Learn how to play your favourite musical instrument
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14. Sing from your soul, karaoke or play antaksari(favourite Indian family game)

15. Update your C.V.(if it's not)

16. Declutter your real mail inbox and email also

17. Apply for a new job. Mention your reason of change
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18. Learn Old regional words of your mother tongue. Garnish them in your local sentences.

19. Learn Tongue Twisters. Rap, Eminem songs and surprise everyone with your skills.

20. Start doing something that you simply love. Spending time with yourself can refresh your mood.

21. Open your hands, lean down. Do yoga, stay calm and be flexible.
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22. Gather with family members to read the holy book(Geeta, Bible, Quran)

23. Grab your phone and contact those people back whom you forgot to connect with.

24. Ask your grandparents about their stories their struggle and happiness in life. (They can be your storybooks)

25. Go to your drive or old photo collections, to see what have you done so inspiring at that time.

26. Write a book or your biography till now, describe up and downs, adventures and love story of the main character.
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27. Organize a short opera play from your favourite story or novel starring loved ones.

28. Pet a plant, watch it, water it, provide sunlight, let it grow, see how beautiful life can be

29. Help families struggling to get meals

30. Find out online non-profit communities near you and join them so in case of emergency you will get updated.

31. A list with lots of things for which you are grateful for. (Tips: Start with your existence)
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32. Meditate for mind and exercise for the body

So everyone can create moments in life.
And you know now how it's easy and useful.


"A customization is must in mind,
If you're aware what is life!"
- Pratik Prajapati

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