Brainwashing - Magic But Also A Tragic In Todays World

Do you know at some point we are manipulated, controlled and BRAINWASHED in our lives?

Why am I saying this? 
It's because we all are victims of it. 
From social media to advertisements, movies to our choice of living lifestyle are a part of all of these brainwashing techniques. 
Now, this is a surprising moment where you all say, "I make decisions on my own!" 
Well, you're right, in fact, everyone is right who is reading this today.  We all make decisions from our own thoughts! But, do you think why do you make that decision or from where did you get that thought in your mind. Is it your idea or you saw or read it somewhere in a way that's been brainwashing which you didn't even know. Let's take a look at it.


What is it?
Brainwashing is a tactic of moulding and controlling someone's mind. The victim can be anyone who understands the language or not. 
Brainwashing can be dangerous as well as beneficial for every personality if used with a moral intention. 
Before researching it, I was thinking of sharing it in a proper descriptive way, but I was amazed by reading those tough words, so I decided to write it in a simple way. 
Brainwashing can be simply said as mind-controlling through various types of processes adding,

Physical and Emotional Torture:

By just imagining that a cruel person is beating or hurting your family in front of you, who want you to perform a sin that is unforgivable, can tighten your muscles to get in there and teach the hostile a lesson. But what if you don't know who that person is, blackmailing you for something that you can't even discuss with someone but it's worth talking to, then the first thing you will do is ask what he wants.
So what to do? 
In the best cases, people tend to do what is right, telling on the cops or talking to a professional about it. 


It is a type of skill that most people use to control your decisions by inserting dreams in your mind. In politics, advertisements and marketing it is widely used. Yes, the first part of this article is a brief explanation of it. The best example can be explained from the oldest stories of history. 
In Mahabharata, you do have a better introduction of the Duryodhana's maternal Uncle Shakuni who manipulated and brainwashed him to hatch a plan against Pandavas to win all their wealth and ruin respect in front of the kingdom through a game of dice(dices with the game were played were controlled by Shakuni, so Pandavas lost). Shakuni was the mastermind behind the Mahabharata war in history.

There are many manipulators out there and a lot of competition is going between them to brainwash your mind(in marketing). How to stay away from all these cons?
The answer is easy to understand for everyone and it is that you have to be mentally active and have to be clear in all aspects that what you want is beneficial for you now or it's just a desire.

In today's world-saving us from being brainwashed is like chewing iron balls through teeth. But some people are there who recognize these tricks and moves. They are those people who craft their vision a scratch.

How to save yourself from becoming a victim?

1. Know what you want, they give you choices with a similar conclusion
2. Understand what is right
3. Watch out for unknown people who you think is manipulating you by repeating the same words until it fits in your mind
4. Spend some time with self to create a strong self-reliance

Lets wrap:

Though it's true that brainwashing is tough to realize but it's a slow process to control someone's mind. So, if you find yourself in a way of it then you can get out of it easily by applying the above solutions. 
As you know now what is baked behind your choices, the only thing that matters is your awareness.
Remember, the first thing that comes before and farther than hypnotism is brainwash.

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