Do You Have These Crazy Flaws? Know-How To Sieve Them

It's easy nowadays to talk to someone, just by a few clicks or by voice commands. 

We may or may not give our natural best to converse. 

But have you ever wondered that people feel weird at some point when interacting with you?
(I know you do the same way.)

It's because they saw some flaws inside you which are annoying. Though, it's good to be a little annoying but excess of it is not healthy and acceptable if you want to be the part of a discussion, team, group or community. 

What are character flaws?
You think your flaws are your weakness, well they are not. You just have an excessive amount of it.

Everyone has similar flaws, it's the way we think can ripen different flaws at different times. Some of them gained in their childhood from parents or some in an irritable phase of time.

As no one likes to point out them at your face, if they say, it may feel offensive. 

To repeal this kind of situation, I had created a list of character flaws which are most annoying if exceed limits:

1. Impatience
If someone told every time, these sentences like "wait for a good reason, don't ask questions frequently for anything(curiosity is good with patience), never tell the climax of a story, wait for your turn" and you don't obey this then you are impatient.
If you are too impatient, your rushy decisions can make terrible situations. 
What to do?
  • Take a deep breath to think about what will be a good decision and decide calmly about the consequences.

2. Possessive
Possessiveness can be experienced when you show ownership and control over someone or something. This can be easily seen in relationships, like restricting your partner to meet the opposite gender and shrinking their world.
How to handle it?
  • First of all, calm yourself at that moment
  • If it is your partner, tell them how you feel.
  • Apologize when needed.
  • Start trusting to people near you

3. Overconfident
You can feel it but can understand when asking yourself. Overconfidence is your excessive belief in your abilities that you have mastered once.
But even a bulletproof glass is breakable through the constant hit of bullets.  
How to neutralize it?
  • If you think you are confident about something, retest yourself with some tough questions.
  • Be on a learning mode
  • Make commitments on which you can stand in the ground.

4. Lust
From recent studies, it's been understood that lust is a strong desire to do something which throws you in a deep dark well, from which only you can come out by a strong mindset and thoughts.
Though this will help you to resist it:
  • The first and effective task is to avoid enticing self for it
  • Learn to respect yourself and others
  • Acknowledging self needs
  • Find an alternative lust which is healthy and doesn't harm anyone physically and mentally

5. Perfectionism
This flaw is being flawless. You find that people have to work hard to impress you. It will lead you to hold unrealistic hard standards that can demoralize you when you can't reach them in any task.
How to let it go?
  • In situations, take a deep breath and think that everyone is imperfect in this world, not even you.
  • Avoid self-criticism &
  • Accept imperfect things, 
It will take time and when you repeat it, you will find a peaceful change in your behaviour, because at that time your anxiety about being perfect will vanish.

6. Bad-Tempered
This is a harmful flaw for everyone. Getting angry with little things and being combative can degrade your value in gatherings. Yet it's difficult but necessary to control.
Do this to cool you down:
  • Rethink why you are angry
  • Empathize with issues
  • Use Humour
  • Understanding anger as a dilemma
  • Take a break(change environment)
  • Ignore to involve with someone
  • Say some calm words to self

7. Over Pride
You can't recognize it until you think you know yourself. Pride is a form of self-praise, self-conscious or self-importance, which can make you view yourself better than others which is a reason for relationship breaks. 
How to control it?
  • Praise others
  • Listen more
  • Share your impurities
  • Practise mindfulness
It works well when you give yourself time to know yourself.

8. Unhealthiness
It doesn't only relate to body or hygiene but also your thoughts are related. It can just repeal. You have bad thoughts; your body doesn't feel healthy, your clothes have not been washed from days.
Things to do,
  • Stay clean
  • Do exercise
  • Learn good habits
  • Read influencing books
  • Clean your room

Well, it's time and you have time too, to work on your personality and remove those toxic flaws from your body. So if you start now, don't stop, you will observe some changes in you and at the end with your commitment results will be shocking. 

Remember: Stay attentive and don't run from it because while trying to change self in positivity some distractions can arise which try to hold you back.

Every great personality whom you love and admire most has the same flaws at a time, but they noticed it and now they are your idols to follow. 

So, you too can become like them, there is nothing as strong as your self-belief.


"Vanity is good for shows, not for bullying someone to toes."

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