How a Decision can Change Our Life - The Power of Decision

Have you ever wondered how our thoughts can create a decision which changes our lives?

I am a bit confident that sometimes everybody, who seems themselves to figure out situations and calamities makes immoral decisions with a preferable base. I am not judging anyone here, it's a fact and I do this too. 
For Example, You left your job but didn't give a confirmation letter, which is connected with your salary. And now you have to share an email and also work for more 15 days (which is especially not good for your next job reputation where you already passed the interview and have to inform them now).
According to researchers, an average person makes 35,000 decisions consciously each day, So, it's worth choosing the wrong decisions subconsciously.  
While many decisions are also made with satisfaction, either to protect the self-image or to enhance it. 

How decisions are made?
You never know when it starts or where it ends. Like, you made a decision to read this article, you paused ten times with images and texts, read it whole, put some information in consciously and let some here(via comments).
 "Decision-making is not hampered by rigid internal precedent nor by fixed alignments of personalities and cliques". In other words, decision making is neither stopped by any small mind nor by great personalities. 
Some are made from gut-feeling even if it is wrong for the situation but is right for outcomes.

How does the decision affect you?
"A single decision is merely a moment in time. Once it is made and carried into effect, it precipitates changes in the environment of the decision."

A good decision can continue to create a chain of more good ones. Similarly, a bad decision can create a chain of bad ones, until something disturbs it with an inspiring voice. 

How to choose the right ones?

There is a weird difference in how you make decisions and what you decide.  We can decide anything to do but always make decisions that are realistic and needed to. So if you want to make a decision on a complex or emotional problem, better to think twice to make that decision. The more experience you have the more your decision accuracy will be. Though everyone needs a boost sometimes.

Here are some useful tips to choose the right decision to make:

  1. Take some time to think
  2. Observe what signs indicate
  3. Believe your own angel
  4. Watch out for negative emotions
  5. Get out of pressure &
  6. Eliminate choices by setting their standards

Everything you seem to change is also a decision. 

Conclusion: This is a post that I made by gathering with all my dearest folks. If you have any opinions, feel free to share it in the comments section.


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