Dealing with Angry People is not a Rocket Science

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Most of the people use anger as a manner to remove stress, anxiety, boredness, etc. but end up making it even worse. 

You recognize or not but you encounter an angry person once in a day. 

Ask yourself, how many times you encounter negative vibrations in your atmosphere. An event with that kind of atmosphere can disturb your mind or upset you. Possibly in every business or industry, short-tempered personalities are prohibited. When you are with angry people telling them direct words (like "calm down, stop shouting") can criticize the matter. Among all emotions, anger has the darkest climate that can only be controlled when you react smartly.
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Why? Because it is significant.

At the office, collage, home, school, road, public transits, parks, so and so. These places are the battlegrounds where you confront anyone's anger.

If you reduce someone's anger, it can create a great reputation in your professional life. 

The first thing you need to do while handling someone's rage is to calm yourself. And then Deal with them!

Respond calmly

A person can only be controlled when you are in control of yourself. If a person shouts at you respond in a calm and positive way. 
Example: To defuse a time bomb there are two types of wire, you have to choose the correct wire to defuse it.

Identify the cause

After calming, find the reason for anger in people standing in front of you. Ask and let them speak, don't interrupt in between. When they tell the reason try to empathize and provide a true solution to comfort them. 
Example: If an irritated customer came to change something she bought, it's better to identify the problem and respond in a genuine way(otherwise it can create angry situations).

Try to find solutions or Apologize

Know what is right at that time, if it's your fault then there is nothing to feel shy about apologizing. If it's not then trying to find solutions can work. Ask, what can you do to make things right. 
A calm person is easy to recognize but hard to find.  
Example: One of your friends got very angry, what will you do in this situation? You ask them what happened, trying to reduce their anger and resolve the issue if possible. If it's you then apologize like a pro.

Distract them

Dealing with angry people is a kinda skillful task which shows your control on your mind. Simple trick- If you can't convince them, confuse them. Try to distract the subject if you didn't find a solution(doesn't work in organizations). Humour is used usually to change emotions 
Example: If your friend is angry(again) the best thing to do is to use humour and distract her mind.

Disengage, Stay safe or involve others

Learn when to stand and when to walk. Whenever the person uses abusive words or violence it's better to seek some help or walk away. There is nothing as important as your healthiness.
Bonus: In BPO organizations escalations are common, sometimes customer gets much angry to handle and so employees choose to escalate customers' issues to their seniors.

Summarise how to control someone anger:

  • Respond calmly
  • Identify the cause
  • Try to find solutions or apologize
  • Distract them
  • Stay safe, involve others and Disengage
Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy. 

Tips: Don't use words like "calm down", this can increase their rage.


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