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Psychological Facts About Love And Relationship That Will Help You Strengthen Your Roots

There is a huge war between love and science of love. 

Scientific research says relationships and love are a series of chemical reactions that release in our body to form a new world of fewer obstacles, vanishing brittleness and even more bright colours seen by us. 

So it's easy to understand your feelings but becomes tough when to recognize whether it is a fact or myth. 

Ignoring myths, below are those psychological facts about true love and relationships that will help you and your partner to act smart in your relationship.

1. Those Stomach Butterflies
When you fall for someone, butterflies which are dancing, playing and tickling in your stomach are real. They are just a rush of adrenaline in the body which is released during fight or flight mode.

2. Stranger By Just Looking At The Eyes Of Each Other, Fall In Love
As eyes are a reflection of souls, their contact can make your life easy to find your mates or soulmates.
3. Love Is Really All That Matters
A marvellous 75-year long study, which was conducted by a group of Harvard researchers, has shown that love is really all that matters. The participants’ lifelong experiences revealed that happiness and life fulfillment revolved around love or simply searching for love

4. Love Matters The Most
You are willing to fulfill something in you or others is either for love or in search of it.

5. Your Hearts Synchronize When You Look At The Eyes Of Each Other
According to creative research when two lovers gaze at each other's eyes for three minutes, their heartbeat synchronizes. 

6. Your Personality Changes Positively 
Movies tell us that a person in love can become a successful person or even a roadside singer. In real life it works but in a different way. You fall in love and sometimes for your partner's happiness you change yourself for a better living. 

7. Love And Lust Are Lighted In Different Parts Of The Brain
If you had a desired night(one night stand) doesn't mean you will date each other, it happens in rare cases. Let me make it simple for you, love contains empathy and care while lust is just a one night stand that triggers reward or motivation. Both are different.

8. Cheaters Have Low IQ While The Loyal Partner Has The Highest IQ
If you care, you will remember the dates and details of each moment of your relationships(women are good at it). If your partner is looking at another person by breaking eye contact with you, it is a sign of low IQ and an act of starting a war.

9. Cuddling Is A Painkiller
When you cuddle with your partner your body releases dopamine hormone which is responsible for your happiness.

10. In 34.5 minutes of conversation, you can actually find out naturally that the person is liable for your partner or not.

11. Love Is As Addictive As Drugs
If you fall in love your dopamine level increases which are responsible for happiness and it is similar to consume a drug like cocaine. 

12. Blind Love Stays Most
Blind love is like the superstition that increases faith time over time. You want proof for believing something opposing your partner. 

13. True Love Breakup Effect As Broken Heart Syndrome
Studies show that when true lovers heartbreak it feels similar to Broken heart syndrome. Its symptoms are feelings, physical, emotional stress and shortness of breath.

14. Couples Who Share Their Laughter Tend To Be In A Healthier Relationship
Sharing your laughter is transferring your thoughts into your lover's mind and letting them know what your comic genre is. They will make you laugh again. 

15. Communication Is Better When It's Beyond Technology
Long-distance relationships have faith and acceptance, while the couple who live together are also committed but if they use technology to talk while being together, their commitment might face issues.

16. Number Of Friends In List Matters
More friends mean more priorities and a decrease in quality time with your partner, which matters the most. 

17. Dating Blossoms Romanticism
A romantic date can rejuvenate all feelings that start to become dull. So, don't stop dating even after marriage, it refreshes your feelings. 

18. You always remember your first partner even if you find someone whom you deserve.

19. There are a total of seven types of relationships and each has its own liberation and boundaries.
This is all about how you understand and perform changes in your relationship in a positive way. 
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