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Psychological Facts About Love And Relationship That Will Help You Strengthen Your Roots

There is a huge war between love and science of love.  Literally, Scientific research says relationships and love are a series of chemical reactions that release in our body to form a new world of fewer obstacles, vanishing brittleness and even more bright colours seen by us.  So it's easy to understand your feelings but becomes tough when to recognize whether it is a fact or myth.   Ignoring myths, below are those psychological facts about true love and relationships that will help you and your partner to act smart in your relationship. 1. Those Stomach Butterflies When you fall for someone, butterflies which are dancing, playing and tickling in your stomach are real. They are just a rush of adrenaline in the body which is released during fight or flight mode. 2. Stranger By Just Looking At The Eyes Of Each Other, Fall In Lo ve As eyes are a reflection of souls, their contact can make your life easy to find your mates or soulmates. 3.

How To Find Your Passion And Follow It Wisely

How to find your passion and follow it Wisely
Guess how many people are satisfied with their jobs.

Any idea?  

Well, out of 100 around 50-60 Americans alone are satisfied with their jobs. That shows from 40 people, 20 are doing their work unsatisfyingly and the remaining 10-20 are following their passion with happiness.
And that's only counting America's employees and workers. If we were to stat the rest of the countries, the number of passionate people would be equal, either in-office or work from home.

This makes it an unobvious situation of less productivity for every company in this fast-growing market.

So, these companies will hire you only if you passionate about your work.
If you are just a graduate(and rejected after many trials) or pursuing your studies maybe its time to find what you are passionate about.

What is Passion?
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Passion is what burns inside you to keep learning and improving your skills. You don't satisfy until you master everything in your job. You feel confident, pleasant and healthy. You don't get bored but feel happy to do it(by just taking required short or long breaks).

Everyone of us came from schools that judge us by grades which taught us fear to find a career that fulfills our family's needs with a good package. So, what about passion? Is this what you want?
Even the word "Passion" is still struggling to grow its roots.  And yes, your question is right, "Is there a difference between a career and a passion?" 

Career and Passion are two sailors of the same ship. Their tasks are the same but the passionate sailor is always happy and fulfilled with his job while the one who chooses it as a career without having passion is just satisfied like those 50-60 people I discussed above.

Some important points to understand:
1. Because of our desire we get confused and jump on another track which has to do nothing, but temporary fulfillment. 

2. Finding a passion is nothing like something decided for you, its what you have learned loved and testing them with your happiness or fulfillment towards it. 

3. Your passion is what you are ignoring from the time you decided to find. Have you imagined being a professional in what you love to do? If not then it's just because you are limiting yourself to do those things or sometimes had an idea of becoming an artist but end up thinking that it almost will waste your time and didn't earn much to own a world trip.

From the above points, you found how you can blind yourself to find your passion. That was easy but not fun.

So how to find Passion without any mistakes?
Take out a pen & paper and jot down answers to these questions wisely.
Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels
1. What makes you happy?
2. What you always wanted to do?
3. Why something you like excites you?
4. What will you do if you get time to do it?
5. In which work you find fulfillment?
6. What will do choose if money doesn't matter in the world?
7. Which work you can train others heartily?
8. Will you love to do it forever what you choose now?
9. What motivates you, if you see others doing that?

10. If you are already happy with your day, met friends and had fun, you don't have deadlines to complete work and suddenly your friend calls you for something fun, will you go or stay and do some work you like? (This one is tough, but it will clear all your doubts.)

Don't think you are late to find a passion. Some people are with you who are doing the same. Some even left their job to pursue it. So, jump to a plan, execute it every day with hard work, persistence and commitment. 
A day will come when you will be around everything you dreamed of. 


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
- Confucius

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