How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

"God! It sucks to be in a long-distance relationship. It sucks."

You have heard it and also read many times the proverb of long-distance relationships which says "Absence makes the heart go fonder" or "Too far to hold but too near to love." Both are true, but do you know the reason behind it?

Because true love tests long-distance relationships and these sayings prove it. You separate from each other to different cities, states, countries or even two different worlds(well, that's fiction.) and still love each other so much that your heartbeat sinks when you see each other face to face(fact).

Why do they exist?

Their existence is just a turning point in two individual's life where they have to separate physically but their relationship continues. 
I recognize that long distens(or long distant) made us believe that true love exists. Because there is trust and once it's built, distance cannot kill it. Even time and space alone cannot destroy authentic loyal connections.

Can I be in a LDR?

Of course, you can get in, but you have to take care if it's not an identity or greed scam. If you know how much control you have on your senses and what you want in a relationship (which matters most by the way), then you will get the real answer. So after thinking and deciding what's right, starting a long distance relationship will be easy for you.

How to Survive if it happens?

It's not a task; it's a priority. This is how you can balance your priority in your busy life. Below are the tips for long distance relationships that will maintain your connection.

1. Talk When You Desire To

Most couples just push themselves to talk, to run the relationship. But it will not run, it will ruin. Don't talk because you have to, interact when you want to. And don't worry if you skip a day organically, just give a genuine reason. 

Tip: Focusing your communication quality becomes interesting enough to entice the next conversation. So be creative! 

2. Jealousy Is Okay But Don't Be Possessive

"Who? Was that guy/girl commenting heart on your insta post", 

"Who the hell is that person picking your phone in office?" 

"Why do I always hear your neighbour's voice around you?" (This is tragic if occurs daily.) 

You will naturally stop believing your partner, or I may say doubt. I really like a Bollywood movie dialogue which says "Shaq, what the f**k!" where Shaq means 'to doubt'. 
You can become positive and believe me, it's too frustrating.

3. Surprise With Gifts

Separation is touch, show how much you care, send a gift directly to their address and help them to bear this distance. It can be a broch, a western dress, the latest edition of a novel, photo frames, jewellery, bottle capsule letters or long distance touch lamps. These gifts can cure your missings and help your partner boost their moods. 
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4. Be A Gift

Nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it. One of the greatest gifts you give to your partner is yourself on their door because the pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again. This long distance relationship tip will as well as surprise you by catching a glimpse of your partner's expression.

5. Share What You Feel And In Which Way

I have seen lots of couples parting up after they started living together. And trust me they were the best in a long distance. 
The reason for their winding is they didn't feel important to share or hide some things, some feelings, some realities and their taboos. 
Hiding will only break your heart, so it's mandatory to share everything with your partner. Even tell them what your parents want and how they think.

6. Add Spicy Romance To Your Calls And Chats

You already know what I mean. Sharing your every desire is a big barrier for breakups in LDRs. Hormones will do their work properly, it's on you which type of feelings you share with each other. Not showing your romanticism can result in compression of thoughts which will frustrate you or even worse your relationship will end up by participating in a one night stand(most couples end up cheating each other). 
So don't be shy about sharing if your feelings are rare.

7. Give Some Space

Even if you are far from each other like the north to the south pole it's necessary to give some space to think because they have their own lives and their own rules. 
It's an advantage for those who are busy all the time due to their work(best if both are busy at the same time).
Long-distance relationships only work when there is hope. A hope which says that this distance is temporary.

Remember: A relationship without hope is toxic for both. Because why would you hurt yourself the ending up by thinking you wasted your time. The heart is not something to play with, because the pleasure of love lasts a moment, but its pain lasts a lifetime.


Absence is to love what wind is to fire, it extinguishes the small, it inflames the great.

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