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Want to know how to work from home efficiently?
What's the secret of it?

Drumroll, please...


Simple! Even simpler than you think.
Honestly, just focusing on your work doesn't work. 

You were trying this the whole time still your performance is stuck with an anchor somewhere in the bottom of the ocean. 

But you know well, the anchor has to pull out to sail your ship to destination. So that consignment could be reached on time.

It's time to change the way you work at home.
By following these tips for working at home:
1. Be an Early Bird
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Already researchers said that our brain work efficiently the most productive and creative ideas in the morning. Researchs apart, you are its live example, because sleep resets and rewires your brain. 
It takes only an hour to get fresh and ready to work for some people for half an hour. Don't miss your breakfast and morning exercise(if you do). 
Start working early morning as you do at your office and you will find a lot of ideas to work on projects and assignments. 

2. Schedule tasks and stick on them
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I am not telling you to make a timetable, that will break like glass and you will end up demotivating yourself.
You should:
  • Recognize a perfect time to talk to your boss, teammates and clients. 
  • Find out how much time you need to refresh your mind by participating in activities rather than work.

Note: How well do you work with others, reflects your integrity towards work(It can affect your appraisal).

3. Repeal social media from your desktop and devices
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While working from home your worst enemy is social media. As your office doesn't allow you to use it, you don't have an issue with it. But at home you are a kangaroo, you can hop from fb to insta or to tweet something whenever you receive a notification which disturbs you to work efficiently. Instead, you should fix 1-2 hours of time for daily usage. 

Note: Messy Emails ruin your peace of mind. Unsubscribe them or prioritize some mails, this will efficiently work for your space.

4. Be kind to your body
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One of the best work efficiency tips is being kind to your body. Don't forget to rest, exercise, take short breaks for some chill, don't use screens for it(as I already mentioned above). If possible interact with nature, step outside your room to have a walk. 
Eat what you want but don't make junk foods your meals, it will weaken your health. Instead, eat them when you are tired of dry fruits and salads during snack time.

5. Always be prepared
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  • For meetings, online conferences and boss's calls: Mostly all companies have a definite time to discuss, so prepare yourself for that time.
  • For homey distractions: Be aware of the distraction that ruins your concentration like, kids, the high volume of the television. Use noise cancellation headphones or earphones to avoid being disturbed. 
Restrict entry for everyone at your homey workplace. Tell them to only approach you when something is important.

The best part: "This is how I work from home and each working hack is adopted by the top paid work from home entrepreneurs.

Now it's time.
Let go of your misconceptions about work from home. It's fun but a lot of challenging too. So now it's on you to work efficiently.

You can slip back, will get distracted and can even miss submission guidelines if you miss any of these above tips
So start your work, turn up your gears and remove that anchor to reach the dockyards.

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