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Psychological Facts About Love And Relationship That Will Help You Strengthen Your Roots

There is a huge war between love and science of love.  Literally, Scientific research says relationships and love are a series of chemical reactions that release in our body to form a new world of fewer obstacles, vanishing brittleness and even more bright colours seen by us.  So it's easy to understand your feelings but becomes tough when to recognize whether it is a fact or myth.   Ignoring myths, below are those psychological facts about true love and relationships that will help you and your partner to act smart in your relationship. 1. Those Stomach Butterflies When you fall for someone, butterflies which are dancing, playing and tickling in your stomach are real. They are just a rush of adrenaline in the body which is released during fight or flight mode. 2. Stranger By Just Looking At The Eyes Of Each Other, Fall In Lo ve As eyes are a reflection of souls, their contact can make your life easy to find your mates or soulmates. 3.

A True Leader Never Do These Things

A leader can be anyone whose leadership effects an organization for a long time.   

Yes, you are a true leader! 

And at every point, you are trying best to serve yourself but something is affecting or will affect your leadership which you should know.
Well, it can be one or more than just one which after just knowing, you can easily fix. 

This post says all about what makes you a bad leader or I may say "How to become a great leader by quitting manners that haven't you noticed yet!"

So lets fish in your bad leadership habits!

1. You talk more than you listen
If your boss interrupts you between an important presentation that just has started, how would you feel?
This feeling is the same as not listening to customers' feedback and instead of knowing what they habitually do, interrupting and saying that this is how it works.

2. Your power makes you little insensitive
"People don't know how much you know until they know how much you care." It's natural that when authority increases, your way of reacting to people turns hard or harsh. But remember with great powers comes great responsibilities, your behaviours are being acquired by your team.

3. Your ideas aren't effective
Maybe you are using those old ideas that have nothing to do with the modern world but you are still sticking to it. 
Interact with your people to get your feedback and ask them for new ideas.

4. Your presence indicates the absence
Nothing is under control, unproductive environment, less or no achievements and absence of motivation indicate that you are not connected with your team which shows a lack of focus. 
True leaders talk with them, have lunch and schedule meetings to know them better. 

5. Commitments are mess
If you are not a man of your word, then you should stop uttering words. Don't make promises that are impossible. Sometimes we(every leader) make commitments due to overconfidence and "face a fell" which decreases people's respect and belief towards us.
Andy Beales | Unsplash
6. You are avoiding confrontation 
If you cant face people's anger, that's a major issue because you think that it will screen your lack of knowledge and abilities. Problems don't fade by itself in an organization, you have to face them discuss it with proper concern.

7. It's never your fault
Under your supervision or with yo your team acts and behaves. If your mistake fails a plan then you should accept it, instead of throwing on your team's face. Your behaviour can demotivate them.

8. You don't aim
As a leader, you have to grow your organization which steer you to target goals. As I know everyone's resume is not the same but a single thing you see is that "they will do best to grow the company at advanced heights". 
So initiate estimated goals and achieve them, if not straight then use flexible ways.

9. You think culture is useless 
As we all know that culture defines our beliefs and thoughts. It has been moulded in our life in such a way that we are living and updating it with a contemporary lifestyle. 
So give everyone's culture some value and modernize them with lots of positive energy and unity towards each other to grow more.

If you find yourself between these bad leadership signs, then its time to put on those black shoes and get back on track.

Note: If there is another reason that as an employee is bothering, you should know how to solve it or understand when to take a break.


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