Some Amazing Real-World Facts That You Need To Know Which Blow Your Mind

We all are thirsty and passionate about the most fascinating information from history until now. 

Through these desires to learn more, most of us get the wrong data and feel satisfied without even knowing about it.

So from deep research and diving into many illuminating sources, I had shared some best facts that can put you into deep thoughts of the unconscious knowledge you never thought of.

This is just like reading a short description of the book that increases your insight and makes you a handpicked unique personality. 

Here are those Facts that will boost your knowledge:

1. The size of our brain is linked with the number of our social circle size.

2. The idea of high heels was designed for men as they seem more masculine and was tremendously inspired by Persian style.

3. There are dozens of mites that live in our face, eat our grease and mate while we sleep.

4. More than 80 million germs transfer only through a single kiss.

5. We make 226.7 decisions on food and a total of 30,000 each day.

6. The unconscious part of the brain knows everything first and then consciously we react.

7. The first teardrop of happiness comes from the right eye and when you cry of sadness the first eyedrop will be of the left eye.

8. Sarcastic people who understand sarcasm are very good at reading your mind.

9. About 10% of the world's population is left-handed.

10. You use 200 muscles while talking.

11. Being forgetful is totally normal and also makes you smarter. By forgetting irrelevant details helps you to be more intelligent and improve the decision-making process.

12. The distance between the earth and moon is so satisfying that every planet of our solar system can fit between them.

13. Because of negotiating syndication rights at the end of Friends series the cast still earns an estimated $20 million each year by doing nothing.

14. Cheetahs don't roar. Instead, they meow like domestic cats.

15. There are over 17 Million homes are vacant in the United States which is more than enough to provide a home to homeless people.

16. On average, the nose of a human remembers 50,000 scents.

17. When we get tired, we are more creative to show off our artist skills.

18. The size of our brain becomes small if we stress a lot.

19. There are 30 million Facebook accounts whose owners are dead.

20. As we age and grow old, our sense of touch gets worse.

21. After marriage, 60% of people feel lonely because they think their spouse didn't give them that deep connection.

22. In a relationship, teens spend a total of 28 hours with their boyfriend/girlfriend each week.

23. Almost 85 percent of the walking hours of people are spent thinking about their relationship, who had just fallen in love.

So Now Its Time To Put Your Thoughts Out In The Field

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