How To Stand Like A Great Leader When Times Are Hard?

Have you ever been in a situation that is out of control where no one is listening and though you can control it but don't know how? 

There could be a tough situation for a leader where everyone is panic and anxious about the crisis around them. But when times are difficult, only true leaders step forward between a crowd to lead the way which is very influencing.

Who is a leader?
A leader is just an individual who has the will to fight against unjust and unfair, leading a bunch of individuals to do so.

I was reading some news and suddenly it caught in mind that every leader(you) or individual(you) who wants to heal and influence people are having issues to do that. 
So lifesuggests decided to reveal those powerful qualities to enlighten in self to stand like a great leader when time becomes hard.
Here a step by step guide what you as a leader do:

1. Control Your Own Fear
Being in the middle of a war field and getting a sense of fear is normal and acceptable. But a leader is one who overcomes it and takes tough decisions. You have to be courageous and empower determination to stay in the positions and bounce back.

2. Believe In Yourself And Your People
A great leader always believes in themselves, their ideas and the team they are leading. If you fail to establish a belief-bridge between you and your people, then they may not listen to when you want help.  

3. Communicate With Them Effectively
It's necessary to stay connected with your people and update everyone at each moment. If modern ways don't work, use alternatives to update, otherwise, your people will fail to contribute to important tasks in the field. Also, you have to become an effective listener to understand what your people want and trying to explain to you their needs.

4. Encourage Them
With proper communication, it's crucial you encourage everyone to keep going with the process. You can encourage them by reminding some sacrifices they made in the field and praise with honours.

5. Be A Good Follower And Imitate Great Leader's Habits
Once a leader was a follower. And great leaders are not born, they were made by learning others' mistakes. If they make any mistake then understand it at that time and quickly correct it as soon as possible. He should also master some great leaders' habits like; Honesty, Empathy and Humility, Forward-looking, Fair-minded, Intelligent, Straight forward, Imaginative and Never-ending winning spirit.

6. Work For Everyone's Good
It's not about me or not about you it's about us (for everyone who belongs to the team, management or organization). Each member should know the aim of their work and what it worth to the team or party. If they didn't then you should become conscious about it and tell them what it worths for everyone.

7. Always Be Prepared And Take Risks
You never know what happens next, so you should always think ahead of time and that helps you to stay calm and optimistic in crisis(if arises). 
If you know the situations then it will become easy for you to take smart risks instead of just jumping in the fire.

8. Be Tough And Work Towards The Action
As I said in the point to stay calm in the situation and let your people know that you are tough. But never forgot to be a human who smiles, uses humour and reacts to the people around. If you are on the battlefield or in the office or leading the team in your projects and found there is an empty place on work to fill, go there and complete that zigsaw puzzle with your people. Never wait for someone to fill it.

Wrap Up
If you found yourself in a crowd with a difficult situation, remember to stand outside the ground and be the one whom everybody wants as a leader.
Reread this article and grab some points and apply them with your lead.

Share in comments which point influenced you most with your great concern.


"Great souls, at times, give us advice and part with words, which are of immense value to the future generations."

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