What Drives A Great Leader


Hello, There Leaders!

It's cheesy to stick to something for a long time to make it familiar. But it's necessary if there is something good about it. 

If it's bad then, you have other ways to reach wherever you want.

As all leaders are not likely to think in a similar way, but every one of them has a single point in common. That they are passionate about leading people and to help others to reach their goals.

What's in great leaders' minds? What drives them?
This can be understood easily if you observe a leader carefully who has created great examples in his life. 
If you think carefully, you can find those people who once entered your job atmosphere and changed everything. 

What drives a great leader is that they like to help others reach their best possibility to reach any goal. Their eyes sparkle when they speak, they love what they are doing and always like to lead the team by walking with them.

Let take these great examples:
  1. Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google. He always focuses more on his team's success and that's giving him spark to continue the work. He Says "To not only see your own success but to focus on the success of others." Which enables him to work for intense hours with his employees.
  2. Amazon contains a leader whom you mostly knew from 2017 as his name was coined when he overtook the #1 position of the world's wealthiest person. Jeff Bezos is a leader of his customer-oriented thinking with high values of commitment. He always encourages his 5 to 7 members of the team to share their unplanned ideas and creativity towards business. Even his team contains great leaders who are passionate to lead people with high values and commitment.

Every Great leader works hard from their core and takes their role very seriously, becomes a subject for criticism and also pays a price for their success. 

If leaders don't love leading people, then leadership can become ongoing pain. The reason is that leadership is not something you wish and become, it's about the sacrifices, hard work and increasing their potential to the next level every time they reach one. It's not like looking for reward and pleasure from outside which results in working with just your mind and finding yourself and a crowd of leaders. 

If you want to be a leader and for the first time in your life, resource answer these questions with full resources of yours then honestly rate and review with your own thoughts between a scale of 1 to 10:

"Do I have a passion to lead people and lift them as I climb?" And

"Am I good at providing reality and hope?"

What does the scale suggest to do?
  • From 1 to 4: Either you should think again about becoming something, or It will become a long way journey.
  • From 5 to 7: Still needs to work hard on your thoughts and skills.
  • From 8 to 10: Well it's time to become an example of what a great leader looks like(work passionately).

What's the Highlight?
If you know what you want to do now is what you always wanted, then there is no turning back towards the initial point until your heart says it is a pain.
It's cheesy to stick to something for a long time to make it familiar. But it's necessary if there is something good about it. 
Same in leadership, it becomes necessary to continue if you find a predictable leader inside you.

Leadership is all about finding your reward from inside, by inspiring people whom you are leading(if only you are inspired to lead them).


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