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Psychological Facts About Love And Relationship That Will Help You Strengthen Your Roots

There is a huge war between love and science of love.  Literally, Scientific research says relationships and love are a series of chemical reactions that release in our body to form a new world of fewer obstacles, vanishing brittleness and even more bright colours seen by us.  So it's easy to understand your feelings but becomes tough when to recognize whether it is a fact or myth.   Ignoring myths, below are those psychological facts about true love and relationships that will help you and your partner to act smart in your relationship. 1. Those Stomach Butterflies When you fall for someone, butterflies which are dancing, playing and tickling in your stomach are real. They are just a rush of adrenaline in the body which is released during fight or flight mode. 2. Stranger By Just Looking At The Eyes Of Each Other, Fall In Lo ve As eyes are a reflection of souls, their contact can make your life easy to find your mates or soulmates. 3.

Work From Home - A Pandemic Survival

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
When you are quarantined there is nothing as bad as you are out of resources which can be a reason for not having a proper income.
Because we all are facing (I am sure that many of my loyal readers are facing) the same problem. 
And due to that at some point, your debts are increasing and somehow affecting your personality. 
Though you have tried too hard to find an income source to fulfill your needs and ending up with worthless jobs like babysitting, guarding a room, sign snippers, store Santa, etc. which are not only unproductive but also wastes your time. 

It's still not stupidity to find such jobs because for everyone's problem there is a different and unique solution. 
So, instead of pushing self in those jobs, there is another way that will resolve this issue. Yes, that's right you can get the job you deserve. 
As I was an intern in recruiting I learned different ways and that worked well until I find what my passion is!

What's the way to earn at home?
Well, the answer is in the question itself. Its Work From Home(WFH).
Work from home is a widespread term now, which means for an employee, to do her or his job completely from home with flexible working hours and having a better work-life balance.
It actually does have more advantages like
• No office distractions
• Your customized environment
• No bossy nose
• Commute relief
• Saving office expences
• More quality time with family
• No office politics and
• Wearing Cozy clothes

It is mostly desired by introverts, individual Millenials and entrepreneurs. Also, many white-collar employees of giant companies started working from home which saves their travelling time and energy. 

Twisty Tip: What if your company is not even not giving you work when you are at home and practising quarantine. The answer companying with being aware of your company's terms and policies.

Here is a list of WFH jobs that you can apply for:
1. Blogger
Pick your favourite Niche and start earning by writing from your heart, your stories, experiences, unique trends and ideas and also collaborate with other bloggers to increase your audience. 
Tip: You have to be patient for earning approval from AdSense and its alternatives.

2. Copywriter
Write content for companies to increase their sales in the market.

3. Social Media Manager
Every business wants it to tells its existence in the world and to increase sales and expand the business.

4. Graphic Designer
Create attractive logos, innovative images, blog heads, Facebook advertisement banners, etc. your skills are required everywhere.

5. Photographer (Home Studio)
6. Illustrators

7. Administrative Support/Assistant
Tasks like replying to emails, data entry, taking phone calls, calendar management and creating or paying bills.

8. Translator
If you know another language then use it to earn.

9. Transcriber
Listen and Write, paid hourly

10. Developer (Back end and Front end)
If you made an app or website before, then this is it.

11. Data Entry
This job is everywhere, apply if you have typing skills.

12. Programmer
A programmer is all a tech company need. Experienced people have more chances to earn.

13. Customer Service
Not as flexible as others but at least they by sitting on your sofa.

14. Yoga Instructor
Don't worry about the place, you can record a high-quality video and upload or run classes online.

15. Tutor
Become an online tutor and if you have a strength of students upload videos for them to study.

16. Accountant

17. Youtuber
Become a Vlogger and share unique and entertaining videos of a niche and start earning.

18. Promote the Bussines or Service you're providing
If you are running a business or donating a service that is crucial needs to the public under government policies, then you should start promoting it.

19. Freelance HR Recruiter
This is that job which can give another a job. Sounds pride in it but an extensively exhausting for newbies.
By the absence of a job, no one can survive happily. But, the inherent feeling of jobless starts to fade from now as you have the correct information to implement on your interest in finding work.

Remember: If you are freelancing its better to go for a reference than to search my self because there is always a risk of spam.
You can make your free profiles in these most trusted websites of best freelancers and work from home employees.
1. Freelancer.com
You can blurry imagine this "Time to get into your room, pyjamas on, relaxing music, a cup of cold coffee, some work and earning with smartness" because this will be a future.

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