22 Popular Myths Debunked

22 Popular Myths Debunked
22 Popular Myths Debunked

Myths are the main reasons to make a smart person into a dumbest one if uttered them confidently.

And each of us has adapted a myth that shows in our carelessness or lack of knowledge.

Do you want that dumb sign?
Absolutely not. 
As we humans can not become perfect but at least try to become the smart person at home.

So, here I have a list of myths which with time proved wrong when investigated scientifically.

MYTH 1. 

Alcohol heats you up

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Adam Wilson | Unsplash
Well if you ask anyone, "does alcohol heats you?" you will get a yes. But that's the opposite of it. If you drink alcohol, it makes you warm blood to flow near the skin, that's why you think it's alcohol's heat. And unfortunately, you will lose your own heat easily.

MYTH 2. 

Carrots give you better vision

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Hello I'm Nik 🎞 | Unsplash
It's a myth. Although carrots are healthy for us, their Vitamin A does not repair our vision or any refractive error in us.

MYTH 3. 

Bottled water is good and tap water is not good

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Jonathan Chng | Unsplash
Actually, tap water goes through strict testing before coming to our houses while bottled water is 50% of tap water only. So your tap water is better than bottles one. 

MYTH 4. 

Special diets can detox your body

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis | Unsplash
Your liver does detoxification numerous times in a day. So if you are getting acne, it's time to seek some small but meaningful changes in life. Best is to go for a trip I say.

MYTH 5. 

We, humans, use only 10% of our brain

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
jesse orrico | Unsplash
That's incorrect because our brain does numerous tasks a day which is very different. Even for doing a particular kind of work, brains all work consistently so you reach someplace, open that fridge and pick whatever you want. 

MYTH 6. 

People with the left brain are logical and right brains are creative

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Arthur Lambillotte | Unsplash
There is no evidence because this is a myth. And both right-handed and left-handed people's brain scans show both parts of the brain become active when required for such tasks.

MYTH 7. 

You should rinse after brushing teeth

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
National Cancer Institute | Unsplash
In my whole life, I was always doing it wrong. If we rinse early after brushing teeth, then we are not giving enough time to toothpaste to work and reverse the early effects of tooth decay.

MYTH 8. 

You can eat any food you want if you work out

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Robin Stickel | Unsplash
If you are trying to get in shape by working out then a perfect diet will boost it. But you can't eat anything like junk food or packed foods. They will ruin your hard work. Instead, intake nutrition-rich food for your body.

MYTH 9. 

You've no self-control if you've an addiction

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Mikail Duran | Unsplash
Addiction doesn't mean you are weak, it's a chronic brain disease. It has nothing to do with your choices because addiction changes your brain's chemistry by affecting the decision making process.

MYTH 10. 

Chocolate is healthy as the food

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Joanna Kosinska | Unsplash
No, You don't wanna eat anything which contains a high amount of fat and sugar, Don't you? 
Chocolate is the same and as loved widely people eat it like food. If you don't wanna break your diet then go for just a single dark chocolate square(enough as an antioxidant for a day).

MYTH 11. 

High heels damage your feet and wreck it

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Joanna Kosinska | Unsplash
That's not true but it will hurt a lot as it can shorten Achilles tendon. You should change or take them off when it hurts you and can wear sandals and shoes as best alternatives.

MYTH 12. 

Pausing work out can turn your muscle into fat

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Ant Rozetsky | Unsplash
Unfortunately, fat and muscle tissues are different. So after getting out of shape, muscular people gain extra weight so that causes them to look less toned and gain extra fat.

MYTH 13. 

Coffee dehydrates you

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Nathan Dumlao |Unsplash
Coffee contains caffeine which leads you to pee more often, but it contains more water which can fill your body to mildly balance that effect. But it doesn't mean it dehydrates you and also you should drink an excess of it.

MYTH 14. 

If you microwave your food, it will kill all nutrients

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Marcos Ramírez | Unsplash
Microwaving foods does not reduce nutrients level and as compared to other cooking methods it saves more nutrients while heating food by covering up the container with less liquid.

MYTH 15. 

Peel fruits and vegetables to remove dirt

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
chuttersnap | Unsplash
Actually peeling some citrus fruits and veggie's skin decreases the chances of getting real nutrients from them. They are high in fibre, some containing more percentage of vitamins. If you peel an apple or a potato, you are at the disadvantage of getting calcium from its skin. 

MYTH 16. 

Deoxygenated blood looks blue

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Paweł Czerwiński | Unsplash
Only aliens will have this. The colour in veins is just an optical illusion caused by tissues.

MYTH 17. 

Cold air and Wet hair causes cold

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Matthew Henry | Unsplash
This is momma's myth and some of her words are to save us from getting into bad habits. Bathing in rain, wet hair in cold air, icecreams etc are the sayings that are nearly true but are not. 
The reason is you only get cold when you come in contact with such a virus, like touching infected spots outside and inhaling droplets, also viruses that cause cold to originate and live in cold places only. 

MYTH 18. 

Organic food is better than any other food

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
NeONBRAND | Unsplash
You may consider organic food as more nutritious and pesticide-free but it's not. Its reason may surprise you that they are permitted with naturally derived chemicals which usually is a decision of farmers.
Don't blame farmers, this is a native process.

MYTH 19. 

Shaving can grow your hair back thicker

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Supply | Unsplash
Say no to this myth because it's all an illusion and after shaving hair grows the same. Hair growth depends on your hormone level.

MYTH 20. 

Watching T.V. too close is bad for your eyes

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Ali Pazani | Unsplash
Well, you may get a headache because of continuously looking at it and it was only possible with those old fish tank sized televisions. Now the breadth and affection both are decreased with advanced technology and it's a myth.

MYTH 21. 

Sugar can cause you diabetes

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Sylvanus Urban | Unsplash
I know it's too close but dare you can't get rid of it. Every food contains its natural sugar but it doesn't give you diabetes. The reason diabetes occurs is that your immune system destroys those cells in your pancreas which generates insulin and because of that glucose can get inside your cells so it remains in the blood and results in fatigue.

MYTH 22. 

Stress will give you peaks in high blood pressure

22 Popular Myths Debunked | Lifesuggests
Sylvanus Urban | Unsplash
Stress is not a reason for chronic blood pressure but acute stress can temporarily increase it. High blood pressure is a cause of much bigger problems.

Till now you have shown your awesomeness and also how sincere you are by dealing with proper knowledge. For more articles related to it, stay connected with Lifesuggests.

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