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Life without social media is a nightmare for people of this generation.

It never seemed that such sites will advance themselves in such a way that they become part of our life.
Now everybody loves spending time on it. People's profiles and feeds are glamorous and showing they are happy. Are they?
Well no. If you meet them daily you realize that stress, anxiety, mood swings are those psychic vibrations frequently weathered in them.
Have you wondered, using social media more than 60 minutes a day is affecting your brain too? 
You already know this, right?
Then you are here to know what can be the benefits if you limit social media time in your life.
Here we go,

1. Lots Of Time

Have you ever felt like you never played fair with your hobbies? Limiting social media time will help you to do so. Those 2.5 hours daily can help you grow your skills, practice your favourite sport and the time to spend with family. It's better to walk to a friend's house and enjoy together instead of scrolling feeds and tagging each other in memes and posts.
You will realize that still there is a lot of time to spend on new activities.

2. Hike In Focus And Productivity

You are using social media for productive use also, but it doesn't work well. I tried this too, but it is disturbing when I am trying to read or understand something important and suddenly someone's message or advertisement pops out. It doesn't work well. 
Imagine a place without any distractions and you're continuing work until it's finished. This is not another place. It's because you limit social media time and turn their notifications off. A simple method like this will help you increase your concentration level and make you more productive as you desired.

3. Self-awareness 

When limiting social media your crucial benefit can be seen in your self-awareness. You will know yourself better and also feel good ignoring those apps and their notifications. 
In today's world, everyone's lacking self-awareness, as kids from their playing age started using phones and tablets which is not good. 

4. Connect With Real World

Step out, the real world is waiting for you, with lots of adventure, fun, care, love, etc. which you just scrolled from social media. You don't need to click every decorated cup of coffee. Instead tasting it is better than posting its pic until it's of no use(I love latte).
Even if you are an introvert and don't like in-person meetings, it's good to go for a walk in your favourite park or favourite place. Or if you are finding new friends get interested in like-minded individuals and meet.

5. No Social Competition And Comparison 

In social media, I found a competition that makes me feel uncomfortable about myself. My mind asks me "What are you doing man? Go and get some fun and post it to look cool, funny and attractive. Break that competition and be a winner."
This competition is never-ending. So I stopped ending my precious time in it. And now I feel complete, no competitions, no comparisons, only living in the moment and keeping myself happy by trying new ways to be happy in life. 

If you feel like you are pushing your time to run those apps, then you surely should record screen and app timings. 
The screen usage time in your mobile will let you know how much time you are consuming on those particular apps. 

Note: There are many apps that help you check how much time you have used a particular social media app.

That's all, if you find something that I have missed in this article, feel free to share in the comments section.

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