How To Handle Criticism And React Like A Responsible Human Being

How to handle criticism and like a Responsible Human Being, How To Develop React Thick Skin And Handle Criticism

If I am not wrong, you have a trigger in your brain which pulled, can disturb your peace and ongoing presence of mind.

In short, criticism hurts! At times we get angry because of it and lose our temper too.

Well, it's time to take revenge and throw some rotten eggs.

Kidding ;)

You don't wanna lose your track. Do you?

Ask your angel and know that life-changing answer. Till then let's continue. 

When I was in high school I had lots of friends, which I can say 'Just Friends'. At that time I was not as smart as I am now(absolutely), but I had a belief in me that what I know about myself is true and if someone criticized me I smiled at them and continued my friendship with those knowingly unknown friends. It hurts a lot and executes that adrenaline rush to break that person's nose in front of you who trashed something that doesn't even relate your thought process. As this practice was from an old-time but still the bad ones trigger me. 

What I do with them now?

How to handle criticism and like a Responsible Human Being, How To Develop React Thick Skin And Handle Criticism
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  • Never respond and fade them like they want some therapy. I think, Even they are human, they make mistakes too.
  • Different minds, so different perspectives.
  • "I think they're having a bad day".
  • "Wow, another one! HEY THAT'S NEW"

What if they are true?

Even if a comment is true, it can be criticism with spices and a ghost pepper in.
Results: Your day can be ruined, your creativity becomes slow, you feel anger inside but it turns into depression, so and so...

I admit it happens but can't affect me for a long duration. 

How and what you should do?

It's so simple to handle criticism if it's true. 
Instead of doubting yourself, you should already know what you are upto.
I mean how much do you know about yourself. You should surely know where you are and where you are going.
If somebody says about my work face to face, I would probably find a good thing and move on, but yes I am never gonna meet that person again who demotivated me and don't know how to sound good.
If you find this kind of person in your first meeting wherever you are, you know what to do.

Tips that help you build thick skin:
How to handle criticism and like a Responsible Human Being, How To Develop React Thick Skin And Handle Criticism
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  1. Remember that it's your choice to react, not compulsory.
  2. Don't take it personally if your boss says some words.
  3. Don't think to be liked by every person, (various people, different mindsets).
  4. If you are a fan of celebrities or influencers alike you, see how they respond to criticized comments.
  5. Know your weakness and strength to find facts in comments. Remember, self-care is a priority. 
  6. If you had horrible waves in the past, then on these(criticism) you can surf easily.
  7. Distract yourself with a more meaningful task like social interactions, discussing with your partner or steer your mind to find a laugh.

This is it! You love your work, job, internship or else a relationship, and when the criticism shows up its way, either good or bad, choose to be an honest person and enough self-caring to cope away.

Welcome to the real world. It sucks, but you're gonna love it.

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