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Psychological Facts About Love And Relationship That Will Help You Strengthen Your Roots

There is a huge war between love and science of love.  Literally, Scientific research says relationships and love are a series of chemical reactions that release in our body to form a new world of fewer obstacles, vanishing brittleness and even more bright colours seen by us.  So it's easy to understand your feelings but becomes tough when to recognize whether it is a fact or myth.   Ignoring myths, below are those psychological facts about true love and relationships that will help you and your partner to act smart in your relationship. 1. Those Stomach Butterflies When you fall for someone, butterflies which are dancing, playing and tickling in your stomach are real. They are just a rush of adrenaline in the body which is released during fight or flight mode. 2. Stranger By Just Looking At The Eyes Of Each Other, Fall In Lo ve As eyes are a reflection of souls, their contact can make your life easy to find your mates or soulmates. 3.

Lessons That Weren't Taught In School To You

Note: This article is not comparing anyone here, if you love to read truth with compassion and self-belief of your inner voice then this article is for you.

Lessons That Weren't Taught In School To You
Edited with Love
It's quite unfair that our education system is way older than our birth year and still doesn't teach what life teaches us with practical experiences. In our youth, instead, we have to start our careers and do what we love and are passionate about, we are trying to find ourselves. 

Isn't it right?

Some of you may disagree but I bet the majority will agree with it. 

Why will you do that?

Because you know how your life was while studying in between teens and 20s. 

You know well what the syllabus has taught you(and will teach your juniors).
Lessons That Weren't Taught In School To You
A time before the break-in school | Pixabay
I wish there are no direct fingers on Teachers: They tried their best to educate us with the system and subjects.

No talkbacks!

Let's get on the list of what you didn't learn in school or what they missed to teach you.

1. Happiness is your choice, not someone's duty

Lessons That Weren't Taught In School To You
Choices of each ways | Pixabay
What you think is what you become, even if you didn't like that. So your thoughts are the reason for your emotional behaviour. And it's your responsibility to make a healthy state of mind. Relationships are jokers of the deck in everybody's life, they enhance your chances to win the game.

2. Intentions and Behaviour

Lessons That Weren't Taught In School To You
Ken Ozuna from Pexels
People out there are like three sides of a coin: 
Darkside, Bright side and Tie- Having both sides.
Luckily you will only find those when you know it as the intentions of a person are tested by knowledge, old experiences and gut feelings. And if you don't know this, then how would you know a difference between a good or a bad guy.

3. The art of saying and asking 

Lessons That Weren't Taught In School To You
Priscilla Du Preez | Unsplash
Don't feel shy to ask a question, even if you are afraid to. Also never make walls to share what you feel about. 
  • If you like your crush, ask for a coffee,
  • Tell your parents you love them,
  • You don't feel right about it, say it.
  • Always wait for the right time, but not too late.

4. Nobody is permanent in your story

Lessons That Weren't Taught In School To You
father_son_sky | Flikr
Do you wanna know a bitter truth?
Those who say best BFF, unfortunately, will end up with you slowly. 97% of the friendships end up because of plenty of reasons like different career paths, undependable situations, long distances, made new friends, love and so and so on. 3% are those who shared everything. Not only friendships but also other relationships can be just as close to you will fade.
A simple reason for it is they will make new buddies and you will have to save it or move on like a pro. 
Remember: The only person who can complete you is you, with some great books.
Tip: Mark Manson wrote books you must read.

5. Resilience and Adaptation of different atmospheres

Lessons That Weren't Taught In School To You
Gustavo Fring from Pexels
There is a rule which says "If you don't adapt, you will not survive". 
School's environment and disciplines are rigid and nothing will change. But in real life, you will struggle to adapt to environments as situations will change without any indication because you haven't been trained for that.

6. Time/Life Management

Lessons That Weren't Taught In School To You
Women late in her marriage and a family hugging eachother
Photo by Elijah O'Donnell and August de Richelieu from Pexels

There is an Interconnection between both of them. If you manage your life, time coordinates you to set priorities. Where good time management personalizes to accomplish more. Thus it benefits and improves different aspects of life.
But in school, history homework is more important.

7. Do basic finance

Lessons That Weren't Taught In School To You
Kelly Sikkema | Unsplash
Nobody loves huge balance statements and balance sheets in their time, but at least you should have learned what taxes are, how to pay them and most importantly how to decrease their amounts. 
  • Various Bills like your vehicles, house safety, insurances, etc are necessary to pay and still at that certain age you don't know what to do and start getting depressed.
  • Credit cards help you to buy anything but using it without calculations will make you a debtor.
Don't believe me, ask those kids who take it to the next level by getting loans to just fulfill their needs. 

That's all!
Still, am I missing something important?
Share it in comments, I love to read each of them and also you can directly connect me with contact form.

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