What do we need to lead a happy life?

What do we need to lead a happy life?
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It is scientifically proven that humans in the digital age are most depressed and it has become a fact in several states of the world.

This is not because we are missing something, but we are getting an increase in interaction with our gadgets that we forgot what true and happy life means to us(with true use of or without gadgets).

Yes, of course, you are doing everything that's necessary but never pile up resulting in unpleasantness.

Take a minute and no matter what happens with each atom around or inside you, just think by yourself, how to live a healthy happy life? 

Is it your family, friends, your mood or money?

Well, almost everything matters at certain limits otherwise things get worse.

Hopefully below are only those points that will lead you to live a happy life without overdoing it.

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1. Plenty of Money with savings

What do we need to lead a happy life?
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Yes, we all need money to survive and pay our bills. Still, people reward themselves lacking physical and mental wellness for going high to earn money and forget their life's fundamental rule, which is to live happily. Use money, but dont let it use you.

2. Living in a mature society or highly mature enough to save your life.

What do we need to lead a happy life?
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We often choose the wrong people in our teens and sometimes in the 20s. Though we stuck with the wrong ones and did some unbelievable stuff. However, it doesn't matter until we find out their intentions for us or their deeds. 
A mature human is always there for you when you need them, they can even help you figure out negatives in you to change back into normal ones.
I met very few of them and they are my closest friends now.

3. An optimistic thinking

What do we need to lead a happy life?
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Your $100 burned and smoked away, what will you do?
Scream! Anger! Rushing everyone coming in front of you!
Some will burn another one and some will feel bad. And there is a person who sees it, recognizes it and learns to never let this happen. He stays positive even in this situation.
Optimism is defined as finding positive lessons and meanings even in the worst situation and also finding ways to get out of it with calmness and mindfulness.

4. No need to be perfect in everything

What do we need to lead a happy life?
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I wanted to be perfect until I found out that I don't need perfectionism in my life. I am good at my work, skills and even loving my family and friends.
Your boss wants perfection in that project just because you work hard but he also knows that it can't be perfect, even though he will force you to do so. 
If you find perfection geeks, stay away from them or if you are one of these, be kind, not everyone has similar minds.

5. Accepting flaws with gratitude - no comparison

What do we need to lead a happy life?
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One day, I compared out of boundaries, then I realized what I am doing is wrong because I was putting myself down from those people who don't even know about it. And seriously my lifestyle, my thought process and my aggression towards earning money have drastically changed. What the cluster thinks around me now is how can I be so calm about criticisms. Well, the desired reason is I don't care. I have everything that I WANT and I feel grateful for it. 
Even I have some flaws but with them I am complete. So I am the happiest person in the world.

6. Right Decisions when saying yes or no

What do we need to lead a happy life?
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Oh, this is a tricky one. You know that when we fall we rise, but here we should know what is right and wrong for us. I mean we choose our future when we make the right decisions. 
Even our response to someone's question matters when we are asked for just yes or no. It depends on you, which situation you are in and what is good for you. When you make the right decisions, you will become happy.

7. Spreading happiness by doing good and making someone happy

What do we need to lead a happy life?
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You have lots of work to do, many people to meet, but when you engage, Lift spirits, elevate moods and cheer those dull faces extraordinarily. Do something good, repeal bad thoughts by knowing their negativity or refurbish thoughts to a new set of you, the happy you.

8. Doing something productive

What do we need to lead a happy life?
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Productive things make us more confident and happy. Improving our hobbies by just doing them once in a day can become a huge mood changer. Dance, draw, sing, rap, act, skate, read or write, just continue them frequently. They are necessary to enhance you and make you happy.

9. Exercise

What do we need to lead a happy life?
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Even a little exercise might make us happier. During exercise, our body releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine hormones that boost pleasure and happiness. 
Feeling low? Go out for a jog with your earphones in.

10. Living in the present moment 

What do we need to lead a happy life?
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Live in the moment and forget the rest. Things that happened had gone, don't think about it to waste your present day. Thinking about the future? I already said that it changes according to your decisions. And sometimes it's necessary to live in the moment to get yourself on track. 

11. Keeping the inner child alive

What do we need to lead a happy life?
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Offices are not good places to do that but think for a minute that it matters most to keep that child alive inside you. I found numerous people until now. Where one side some are just living meat. They don't know the happiness and value of life, so they are mostly seen in anxiety. While on the other hand, very few people are there who want to live in the moment, doing adorable things, using their charm in front of the mirror, meeting new people and learning new things, having fun, fooling and goofing around with friends, etc. 

You can see there is a lot of difference and yes I am the second one who is so much happier with people similar to me. I even have introverts on my list and believe me they are totally different when they know you and get comfortable.

So, isn't this list adored you to be a happy person? Let me know because we all need us in all ways. Take out some time and read this article upside down only with points to know what suits you to be a happier person.

So, what's your answer?

What do you think about having a happy life?

It can be your own "how to live a happy life" essay, make it on your own or paste your words in a diary or journal.

Note: Writing something in your journal or diary nourishes your thoughts and improves your self-esteem and confidence.

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