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How To Enjoy Winter When You Hate It
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I am highly sensitive to winters but I love it. As it deals with all kinds of challenges and layering all the favourite clothes in one outfit, hot drinks, soups and reading more blogs.

But this year is different and you're going to hate it if you are not a winter person. Here's how,

After reading a bunch of weather reports and confirming La Nina's news, I thought it's time to take out heavy-duty woollen shields.

IMD has announced "La Nina", a year of cold winds. During this period all warm water and air are removed by strong winds in the ocean resulting in Intermittent cold breeze in winters. It occurs between every 2 to 7 years. We should take care of it.

So, I have made a list to look after.

1. Accept it

This is the most important step which means to accept that this season will come to you and there are no ways to resist it. Although you will feel different, this is the challenge of survival. We have to adopt it.

2. Invest in warm outfits

Purchasing warm and comfortable clothing boosts confidence to face winter.

3. Stay active

Without body movements, you will feel sore and your procrastinating hobby will become a habit.

4. Chase the sun most

Sun has the power to save us.

How To Enjoy Winter When You Hate It
David Monje via unsplash

5. Don't go outside with an empty stomach

During cold winds and atmosphere, our body tends to create more heat to survive and for that it needs fuel and our fuel is our food we eat. And with an empty stomach, we can hurt ourselves. 

6. Get a gym membership

If you can't get enough heat from the sun, generate it. Workout enables us to generate more heat and improve our core strength and immune system to fight its enemies.

7. Be hydrated

More heat means more vapour, which means you need more water. A hydrated body doesn't have skin cracks, dull skin tone and headaches and constipation.

8. Don't disappoint your skin

During winter it is essential to hydrate the skin and eat vital vitamins & minerals.

How To Enjoy Winter When You Hate It
Boudhayan Bardhan dry land

9. Surround self with winter lovers

The more you involve and gather with them, the less you dislike cold.

10. Start a scrapbook of winter activities

Like this list, make a list of winter goals and stick each of them in your scrapbook.

11. Get in a hot spring bath

Some places have public and some have private spring baths.

12. Camp out in the family room

Don't fire a log, just keep the heater between.

13. Take your favourite hobby class

Mine is dancing, I always do it when getting extremely free time.

14. Have a bonfire

Camping outside, near home or in the garden or inside woods, wherever you are it will be adventurous.

15. Don't forget to do a random act of kindness

How To Enjoy Winter When You Hate It
Credits: Nick Fewings

16. Schedule a game night

You can schedule a night with your people on games like bowling, cards, board games or drive to watch a game.

17. Write a cute letter thanking them who deserves it

18. Watch all movies worth watching

Movies with oscar awards is a nice guess, I often watch action collections!

19. Discover your kind of tea

We have 1500 types of tea in just 4 categories. And that sounds enough time.

How To Enjoy Winter When You Hate It
Credits: Vivek Kumar

20. Start making a new year resolutions list

Let me give a glance at mine, "I will read a total of 4 pages per day with a cup of green tea. (healthy and wise), Limit Social Media

21. Start with cleaning your closet and restoring your room

There are lots of garments that you don't use. Repair your wardrobe, clean all corners and add new styles. 

How To Enjoy Winter When You Hate It
Credits to Hannah Morgan

If you are around snow

22. DIY snow globe 
23. Sleigh ride is back, go on
24. Create an ice sculpture
25. Make a snowman
26. Find places to ski, ice skating, snowboarding, etc.
27. Hot chocolate gathering
28. Snowball fight! There is always someone
How To Enjoy Winter When You Hate It
Credits to Helena Lopes

Hope this will help you to enjoy the present year's winters.

Go snowing!


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