Most Powerful Ways to Boost your Confidence!

Most Powerful Ways to Boost your Confidence!
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I know how it feels, I was there too. And it took me long hours figuring out about my huge failure rate before I found myself growing confident and overcoming all my old shy version anxieties.

I became confident and have my own boundaries now. I can say no when it doesn't feel like saying yes to manage my priorities. I grow myself with the people I work with. 

And they love me for this.


While meeting new people and strangers I always observe the same patterns in every confident individual.

  • Their shoulders are at height, 
  • Back straight while walking, 
  • Legs aiming their interest and 
  • Eyes contacting straight to eyes, with the person they chat.

(Introvert spoiler: You have to approach new people for a gentle conversation.)

And no doubt, you have to avoid those people who let you down because they don't believe in you when they have to.

Today I am going to share with you those only ways which can help you develop or get your confidence back.

1. Talk to new people
Most Powerful Ways to Boost your Confidence!
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Why shouldn't you do this? Because you feel shy Or you don't like it?

Well, both are natural. I did this too during my college semester and it worked well. 

It all starts with a gentle greeting to an anonymous person and asking a general question. At first, it feels weird but soon you will find yourself as part of the habit.

Tip: Never judge a book by its cover.

2. Complete small tasks daily
Most Powerful Ways to Boost your Confidence!
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Are you a multitasker? It is a good idea for a while but affects you for a long time. It kills productivity by slowing your brain.

Instead, I have my to-do list to guide me throughout the day with many small tasks. As I complete them, I feel like achieving something and execute other tasks with more confidence. 

Here's what you can add to your list.

  1. Dress well
  2. Clean your room
  3. Schedule your time of social media
  4. Arrange your imp documents
  5. Create a plan for big upcoming
  6. Map out dates and time to get things done
  7. Grocery list to buy anyhow today

3. Exercise
Most Powerful Ways to Boost your Confidence!
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Here I am not talking about getting a gym membership now. If you're already doing it, that's great!

But you can do some exercises which can make your body feel good like jogging, morning walks, playing with your dog etc. And commit to executing them daily, I repeat "DAILY".

Doing it regularly improves your skin tone, repairs your body image and makes it attractive. Your immunity increases too and all these effects your day to day performance and also due to the release of the happiness hormones (dopamine and endorphins) while exercising, you feel confident.

4. Meditate
Most Powerful Ways to Boost your Confidence!
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Finally, you hit here. I put it last because this is what meditation takes, "A little attention and some time".

Those who meditate persistently, create positive vibes around themselves. 

It's just a matter of focusing on air when inhaling and exhaling. 

Did you know Siddhartha attained enlightenment under a Bodhi tree, penetrating life's truths, deeply absorbed in meditation? After 49 days of consecutive meditation, he became Buddha.

Why I was saying this is because he removed all his unconscious negative thoughts while meditating. And negativity is the root impacts the way you think as a confident person.

The more you catch those unconscious negative thoughts the more you feel confident in your decisions. 

And meditation is the only way to do it.

Also, your confidence can help increase someone's else too.

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